Rainy Hollow

Breanne Johnson

Amazing ski conditions below treeline in the Rainy Hollow area. 35-40cm of low (Fist) density storm snow sits on slightly denser (4 finger) snow, making for a right-side-up upper snowpack right now in the trees. The storm snow skis well with no slab properties, and appears to be well bonded to previous surfaces. No signs of instability or recent natural avalanches were observed.

Snow conditions were: Deep powder. Weather conditions were: Cloudy. We rode: Mellow slopes, Dense trees, Steep slopes, Open trees. Riding quality was amazing.

Avalache Conditions: 30cm + of new snow, or significant drifitng, or rain in the last 48 hours.


59.48554649 -136.39376907

Rainy Hollow

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN