Big white backcountry

Kootenay Boundary

pkaye , Wednesday 11th November, 2020 5:20PM


Incredible early season skiing if you know the terrain here otherwise you will be skiing rock fields. 30 plus cms fell yesterday and today was cold -10 at 2250m and light flurries w sunny breaks and light winds other then the ridges there were moderate winds still transporting snow. Winds slabs were on the SE and E ridges. Test slopes and slope cutting caused cracking of these slabs that were up to 60 cms thick. The photo is a 40 cm slab on a 35 degree slope that didn’t slide. The slabs would crack but were adhering to the surface below, ie nothing slid on any test slopes or ski cuts. The “sliding” surface was the thaw/freeze rain crust at 45 cms from ground (from two rain days here and the very warm late October/early November weather. Snowpack was 85-95 cms at 2250 m and 55-60cms at 1900m. The wind loaded snow on eastern aspects of the ridges were up to 1.5 m deep! enjoy

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN