Dark side goodness...with a lot of surface Hoar

Northwest Coastal

travisluvsbikes , Thursday 22nd February, 2024 7:50PM

Walk out to the dark side in search of something not crusty or wind effected. Full on sun all day. Light breeze on the hill at times with increasing velocity with elevation. Felt pretty hot as we walked up the dome but stiff continuous breeze at the top (1300 m's) had us putting the shell coats back on. Surface hoar everywhere it seemed >= 20 mm or so. Even at the top of the Dome it covered everything and resistant to the breeze. Brothers in arms holding each other up! Skied repeat laps of dark side col area down to the top of zymy trees. 20 cm's of cold facets with a cover of SH made for very nice turns. Avi conditions may again become interesting with new cover of snow this weekend. (Believe it when I see it, new snownthat is 😕) no slabs released today and just old debris piles seen in shadow of the Dome and zymbuck areas. Back home by way of Polywood with sun softened smooey turns for a fun egress. Really nice to have a fun Ski day again.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN