Summit Creek


kirstie , Monday 26th February, 2024 2:10PM

Summit Cr AST 1. Cold with NE winds down by the highway but sunny and warm in sheltered areas up higher. Found some nice pockets of powder in sheltered areas. Otherwise skiable crust and wind effected snow. Poked around a bit. On our way up we did find evidence of recent warming/rain events on a surface crust and near surface ice layer as well as faceting around rocks and vegetation in shallower snowpacks on west facing slopes. We stopped at about 1075 metres on an east facing slope of between 20 to 24 degrees in the open alpine. Height of snow at this location varied between 255 and 300 cms. We dug down 1 metre. We found some decomposing surface hoar buried between 25 to 28 cms down from surface and otherwise nothing popped out in a fairly dense snowpack (a bit of unresponsive mid snowpack faceting down around 70 cms). We did 5 compression tests and got 5 x CTH1 on the 25-28 cm surface hoar layer. . We decided to have fun in the sun and did a Rutschblock and got a Rb 4 (corrected for slope angle) on this same layer. No evidence of avalanche activity within our sight lines and no signs of instability on our travels.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN