Ice - King Creek

Grant P

*Curse of the Bambinos - no ice. *Magic Touch - start buried in snow and a v-thread visible at the top but quality unknown. *Main Flow - good shape but not as fat as usual for late season. Lower anchor could be under ice so watch rope ends when lowering. *Right Cave Flow - on the lean side so take stubbies. Left Cave Flow - fat. Wet and easy on the left. Steep, dry, hooked on the right. One of the two bolts is buried below the ice. *Gully Flow -wet, easy, hero sticks. A lot of ice right of the climb on the steep wall.


Walking in you cross a number of avi chutes feeding into the creek from both north and south. Mostly the south facing chutes had slid down to the scree but some still held a little snow that looked like either sun or wind had put a crust on it. The north facing chutes still held snow. Most chutes had debris down at the creek, some of it sizable. One or two north facing chutes had little or no debris at the base meaning they would be still loaded. The left cave flow had snow accumulated above and left although it is a short slope. Main flow looked to have little or no accumulation above it compared to some late seasons.


There was light rain changing to wet snow as we turned off the TransCanada but by the time we got down to King Creek it was very light snow despite being just above freezing. The wind was lighter than expected from previous weather forecasts. Snow continued much of the day but was mostly very light between 9.30am and 4pm.