Managing Moderate @ Griz Couloir

Glacier National Park

Andrew Worthington , Wednesday 3rd March, 2021 5:45PM


1st skier cut top of couloir w/light to mod sluffing, skied line and waited in "safe spot" on skiers left at the bottom of the couloir under the cliffs. 2nd and 3rd skier skied the line and regrouped with skier 1 at "safe spot" one at a time via radio comms. 4th skier triggered the avalanche on 1st turn, managed to stay above crown, quickly radioed to skiers 1,2 and 3 to get out of the way. The avalanche had enough energy to push out and over the cliffs on the skiers left. Skier one got hit quite hard, went rag dolling in the debris for 40m+, managed to pull his air bag, was partially buried and self rescued by the time the powder cloud settled - recovered poles, lost goggles, no injuries. Skier 2 managed to ski left and out of the way a few meters to avoid being hit. Skier 3 got hit quite hard with debris but managed to stay on feet and get mostly out of the way - headache and sore neck (wear a helmet). Noted: this may not be the safest regroup - probably head deep skiers right next time. Will be re-evaluating safe spots more diligently in the future. Radios are awesome. Stay safe out there x


The couloir ripped wall to wall dn 40-60cm from 5-10m below the ridge. Ran left and right of the treed features below. the debris on the west side ran roughly 1000m+, east side ran far and out of sight. Suspect heavily cross loaded feature, and was apparently a bit stubborn..