Test pit results from HBMR

Northwest Inland

navaranasmith , Friday 28th February, 2020 3:40PM


Nice to get back in a pit after some truly windy days. Highly variable HS at treeline with wind transport. Generally seems that we have had ~30 cm of wind transported snow onto lee aspects in the last 24-48 hrs here at HBMR. We had no results from ski cuts this morning on a similar aspect + elevation. Surprising to see the consolidation of the upper 80 cm of the snowpack. Despite a small change in hardness ~30 cm down, we observed a pencil-hard slab from just below the surface to 80 cm. For snowpack tests: ECTX (on two attempts) STV (SP) down 85 on SH 6.0 and FC 1.0 We also noted that the two basal crust layers are thick (crust #1 from 110 to 118 and crust #2 from 128 to 145) with sugar between and to ground below. We'll continue to keep an eye on how things evolve up here..


54.77733154 -127.26085753

Test pit results from HBMR

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN