Destiny ridge

Jasper National Park

jocenade , Friday 19th April, 2019 7:10PM

Day tour to Destiny to stretch the legs and look at the snowpack. We dug a pit at 2270m NE facing on 28 deg slope and got some interesting results that proved true in the field later. CTV down 28 on thin P decomposing crust SP (repeatedx2) & CTM13 down 105 on thin P decomposing crust SC. ECTX. We were also surprised to find an isothermic snowpack from our temperature profile. Air temperature was -1 and the entire snowpack hovered around -0.5. We traverse low across Destiny Ridge working the treeline bench and skied down last gully to Hilda creek. Visibility was poor. We traversed the lowest angle terrain across the ridge staying away from start zones About 75m above Hilda creek, the slope increases to about 30 degree before connecting with the drainage. The first turn down the convexity initially released storm sluff which turned into a soft slab skier accidental size 1.5. Crown was 30 cm (the combined storm snow from the last week) 40m across and ran 75m to the creek with debris pile up the 50cm deep. Looking back, it was a great day to investigate but should have backtracked down our up track as even our conservative choices today were not conservative enough. It'll be interesting to see how the moist new snow will bond to the decomposing suncrust if we get cold enough temps. Heat has definitely penetrated deep in the snowpack and recovery at all but the highest elevation might be unlikely.

Weather conditions were: Wet, Stormy, Warm. Riding quality was terrible.

Avalache Conditions: Rapid temperature rise to near zero degrees or wet surface snow. 30cm + of new snow, or significant drifitng, or rain in the last 48 hours. Slab avalanches today or yesterday.


See quick report....


Wet snow falling at S1-2 constantly btw 10 a.m-1p.m


1 skier accidental 1.5. Heard 2 loud avalanches coming down what we think is Nfacing slopes off backside or Parker. Heard another loud avalanche what we think was down N-NE open slope off Parker's summit.


52.19510194 -117.15204749

Destiny ridge

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN