Blackcomb Glacier Provincial Park

Sea to Sky

seatoskyjamie , Monday 2nd December, 2019 5:05PM

We went out today to check on the state of the local glaciers. Up from the top Blackcomb lifts. generally firm, easy to travel crust for the most part with some very small isolated wind loaded pockets. Hortsman Glacier is in sorry shape, Several open slots. Skiers right(Prime Rib) is all rock. Entering Blackcomb Glacier Provicial Park the bergschrund at the top is wide open extending along a good portion of the previous 'wind lip'. Probed before we travelled down, snow depth of 190cms. Several open crevasses visible further down the glacier. Plenty of rock as it flattens out. From the backcountry gate the usual travel route than goes up and to the left is barely passable due to extensive rock(perhaps with ski crampons). We went up to the E col and scrambled the ridge. S side looks unskiable. The main descent to Circle Lake may be possible, lots of rock out the bottom. Travelling to Don't Swill has lots more rock. Could see some of the Spearhead Glacier. Just below the 'guides notch' are deep looking holes from the bergschrund. It looks to extend all the way left under Don't Swill. At present gaining the glacier looks challenging. The one large rock that was exposed over the last few seasons further down at the flat section of the glacier has been joined by several other rocks. Although travel may be relatively easy, the hazards are many, usual routes require careful consideration, as does egress.

Snow conditions were: Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Cloudy. We rode: Alpine slopes. Riding quality was ok.


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Blackcomb Glacier Provincial Park

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN