Ice - Orient Point

Grant P

** The valley bottom is nearly clear of snow while the mountains have a dusting. Isolated pockets exist but of the ones we travelled by/through, they seemed stable. More snow incoming may change that. ** Approach trail in mostly good shape. Some icy patches but mostly snow free. ** Approach ice possibly climbable but wet so we used the bypass given our late start. ** Hidden Dragon is coming along but will be better with another week and some colder temps. ** Candlestick Maker both pitches are hanging daggers so quite some time needed yet. ** Hookers upper pitches look to be filling out but zero ice on the first pitch. ** Joker is in great shape. Mostly used 10 & 13 but 16s good in spots. Ice was in softer user friendly shape with good easy sticks and very little dinner plating. ** Big Drip is looking quite filled out up high but neither the upper or lower ice has touched down yet.

Weather conditions were: Cloudy, Warm, Windy.


While we had very light intermittent rain driving the Transalta Rd there was no noticable precip on the approach or climb. Temps were slightly below freezing at the car rising to pleasant and mild at the climb and back to the car. Winds were light and gusty on the approach but died to almost calm as we left. Noticed fairly low clouds as we drove away.