Basin Meander

Kootenay Boundary

TayC , Monday 20th December, 2021 8:20AM

Pit dug at 1900m on E ASP in open trees on cross loaded, convex feature. HS 82. Top 30 cms was fist resistant + and /. 50 - 0 cms was a crust complex with remaining snow above was fist resistant storm snow. Faceting was seen between crusts. Surface snow was mix of pp and surface hoar. Compression tests resulted in CTH 22 and 25 with broken character, but results were not reproducible. Wind slabs found in alpine areas on southern and northern asp. HS in alpine 130 - 150. Surface hoar developing (2-4mm) on ridge lines and open areas.

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Deep powder, Hard, Powder, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Sunny. We avoided: Convex slopes. Riding quality was good.


Light winds in basin, moderate with strong gusts in alpine. Wind calmed down by 4:00 PM