Ursus Minor


rwyovi , Thursday 14th March, 2024 12:30PM

We went out to enjoy the sunny day and see how far into the alpine we could get and feel comfortable. Got up Ursus trees and just kept going up twards the eastern Ursus col. We dug a pit before we got on the upper snowfield was about 5 cm of fist then four fingers for about 30-40 cm then one finger down about 200 cm where we stopped digging. No obvious weak layers. No result on an ECT until about 6 extra hits which was a nonplaner break in the slab about 50ish cm down with no propagation. It did pop about 80 down with a shovel shear but with a lot of force. Again didn’t seem to be an obvious weak layer. The pit was definitely in a wind loaded section. When we went up we transitioned in a much shallower snow area near some rock, we did get a slop collapse with a few jumps on the slope with no cracking or failure. Otherwise it was cold but sun affected the snow was definitely warming. We started seeing at least one wet loose slides go but lots of other ones on steep solar aspects. Snow turned to mashed potato's as we got below the 2,000 meter line.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN