Reload on a Crust

North Rockies

mlchrene , Sunday 3rd March, 2024 10:10AM

Cold day (-20C). 80cm of fresh snow over the last week on top of a thick melt/freeze crust, that is heavily facetted. Snow is bonding to that weak layer better than expected, likely due to a lack of consolidation in the fresh snow above that facetted crust layer. This lack of consolidation is likely due to the persisting cold temperatures. I expect to see an increase in reactivity in the snowpack on that melt freeze crust as temperatures increase and the fresh snow consolidates. All in all, less reactivity was found in this particular area, when compared to other locations. Due to the high winds creating new wind slabs and potential for a quick rise in temperature, reactivity may increase very quickly and create large slab avalanches. Use a conservative and cautious approach when choosing terrain.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN