Remote trigger and touchy avalaches

Northwest Coastal

yan.kaczynski , Wednesday 28th February, 2024 11:40PM

We skied a variety of lines today with almost no one out there. We did experienced large settlements again and triggered avalanches on most of our runs. Most notably a remote triggered size 1.5 than ran wide and deep on North Bowl while ascending the Dome (large whumpfings happened on our aspect as the slope beyond avalanched) and I triggered a size 1 that slid with some delay after me from the top of North Bowl. It was expected and therefore I skied fast and out of the slope (towards the Dome col). It ran far, but not as deep as the previous remote avalanche (20 to 25cm deep vs 30 to 50cm). They both slide on a really hard refrozen bed surface. I triggered a 0.5 in Fish n’ Chips and one in our group triggered another 0.5 earlier on the Dome/Fay-zurs. You can see a lot of wind affected snow, most notably in the alpine, and lots of cross-loading on the S/SE/SW aspects. North Bowl has incredibly spooky wind loaded features. The alpine was windy in the morning, and really calm in the end of the afternoon. Otherwise beautiful sunny day with deep, really deep dry powder. Some suncrust on lower S aspects towards the end of the day.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN