North Bowl

Northwest Coastal

Michaela Pye , Friday 12th April, 2024 4:50PM

Small poke around North Bowl and area today. Travelled all aspects except east from 700-1500m In sheltered northerly TL/low ALP locations, quick “hand pits” showed 60cm on P to 1F snow on top of the AprilFools Crust. Surface hoar and near surface facets made the 10cm thick P hard supportive crust at surface pretty fun skiing. The entrance to North bowl was stripped, with only 5cm on top of April fools crust untill about 15m into the line. We did observe some light wind transport today but it seemed to be mostly sublimating. A side note: skiing the south facing slopes at on Shames right now is 10/10 corn skiing!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN