Warspite North Bowl


wardsbd , Saturday 8th June, 2024 6:15PM

Nice hike into the black prince cirque around -1c at the parking lot at 7am. We put are skis on at the bottom of the avalanche path. Found sun cuped but supportive snow. With east face slpoes already breaking down at 9am at 2000m. Nice crust skiing down the bowls but steep sections had pin wheels and sloughing. Poke around the se aspect at 1045am but found isothermic snow. Turned around at are second col around 1230 as the crust was starting to break down around 2500m. At 2500m there was a sandwich of 5 cm crusts with 3cm of dry snow / graupel in between with isothermic snow below. A bit sticky on are decent to vally bottom at 1245pm. Observered a few size 2 wet loose avalanches from extreme se alpine terrain around 1200.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN