Good Mellow Skiing

St. Mary

some tele hippie , Wednesday 25th January, 2023 3:10PM

Snow conditions were: Powder, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Sunny, Warm. We rode: Convex slopes, Dense trees, Mellow slopes, Open trees. We avoided: Alpine slopes, Steep slopes, Sunny slopes. Riding quality was good.


two ops 1 doing a quick and easy pit: HS 200 199-181 four finger 181-180 visual crust 179-110 1 finger to pencil + well consolidated 109-70 1 finger + 70 - 0 4 finger facets CTM 11 down 19 on visual crust layer CTM 13 down 40 on SH layer


A fine day in the mountains, wind only apparent higher up.


old debris underneath steep sunny rocks in alpine. some small activity on lower elevation solar slopes from today in rocky areas and treebombs