Chester Lake Snowpack


coffeeinthesnow , Friday 15th March, 2024 5:50PM

Took the skis for a walk to Chester lake, dug a pit, skied back. Saw lots of natural activity on Mt Chester and Gusty Peak, including some big slides. Saw evidence of some cat 3, pushing 3.5 slides (likely yesterday) on Chester. Very warm out, 14degC back at the car. Tshirt weather all day.
Test one went at 8 taps, test 2 at 9 taps. Third test was totally dislodged by the saw before any taps. All three tests failed just above the ground, with the whole pack dislodging. Top layer was very crusty from freeze thaw, really well bonded middle layers, but deep persistent layer took almost no effort to dislodge.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN