Mt. Rae (cirque) - Highwood Pass, AB

Kananaskis Country

todd_allison , Wednesday 6th November, 2019 10:30AM

We went on snowshoes to check out conditions in the Kananaskis (Mt. Rae). HS55, 3 layers of crust but of concern (for the future) were 8cm of small facets at ground level (1mm). CTM (13, 14 on 25cm down), a bit of cracking (small, centralized). The lower crusts were non-reactive to tests. Please be careful out there and realize that what is above you can be triggered and come down on you.

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Windy, Cloudy. Riding quality was ok.


CT 13, 14 @ 25 down. Broken, inconsistent


Strong steady wind with gusts. Snow transport obvious.


50.77875000 -115.16219000

Mt. Rae (cirque) - Highwood Pass, AB

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN