Ice - N.Ghost summary and booby traps

Grant P

Booby traps - If you head into the East Fork of Claw Creek be aware that 3 or 4 times we broke through ice and both of us got water in our boots. I went in both feet to knees in one case and got both boots wet. It was most prevalent in the narrows after the fork but also found at other spots too. Here are some observations on various climbs along the North Ghost. *Fang And Fist. Still standing. The upper pitches get plenty of sun but the lower pitch is more shaded. Expect sun to have affected the upper. *Lupine Lunge. Almost formed to the ground. Wet. *Muzzle Melody. Quite sun affected but otherwise good. *Runts Runnel. Touching down but thin and gonging. *The Sliver. Missing about 1/4 or the ice in the middle. *Burning/Drowning. Not in. *Unforgiven. No longer in. *Angel Eyes. Heavily sun affected. *Indifferent. Not in. Bottom melted out. *GBU. Left sun affected. Middle broken at roof. Right sun effected and diminished in size compared to a week ago.