Ice - GBU and driving

Grant P

Ice: Coming along from its anemic state a month ago although still not great. GBU Right looks heavily chandeliered and hard to protect, also steep. GBU Left is reasonable and a lead up the righthand side provided enough decent screws both 13 and 16's. The lefthand side looked a little more tricky to protect on the steeper part down low but provided some nice hooky swings. Over in the corner Indifferent looked under developed for this time of the season. One of our party started to lead it but had a change of mind. It did look a little better ice as you go higher. Driving: Very high winds made for a lot of snow transport. Tracks were drifting in quickly. Very well equipped vehicles with lots of clearance, recovery gear, and a tag team is suggested right now. Avi: While GBU has little avi hazard, I did note the bowls above Orient Point/RBD have largely been scoured clean. I would imagine other areas would also have similar transport and potential wind slab issues.


Very windy leading to snow transport. Tracks drifted in fast. Overhead hazard could have changed from a few days or a week ago.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN