Slim Creek area


Matt Stelmaschuk , Monday 25th November, 2019 3:15PM

60cm of new snow fell in the area in the last couple of days. Strong winds had reached into open spaces below treeline creating an upside-down surface condition at all elevations. Skiing was awkward in mellow terrain and we sought out steep trees. There was good coverage in the forest down to 1550m where it became thin and sketchy, especially in gullies.

Snow conditions were: Deep powder, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Stormy. We rode: Dense trees, Steep slopes, Open trees. Riding quality was good.


We felt whumpfing in flat terrain at ridgetop, but nowhere else. At 1750m on a SE aspect we found 162cm of snow. The Nov. 22nd crust is down 60cm and the Oct. 25th crust is down 100cm. The Nov. 22nd crust was reactive during tests in the hard range failing as a sudden collapse (drop). The failures occurred underneath the crust.


It snowed at varying intensities throughout the day, accumulating around 5cm. Skies were obscured all day and strong westerly winds calmed in the morning switching to light SE in the afternoon. A crust formed on the surface below 1450m by the end of the day.


53.63334000 -121.25851000

Slim Creek area

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN