Wardle sub peak highway path natural cornice release

Jesse Aj Scotland

See avalanche observation for natural cornice release obs. While heading up the south burns of wardle sub in the trees we received a large settlement. After quick investigation using hand shears the Jan 27th crust facet combo was propagating upon isolation. We bailed at this point. Surface snow was crusty from likely rains upto our high point of maybe 1500m possibly higher. Had 5 to 10cm of fresh snow form last night on top of the crust. Snow below felt weak and was un supportive. Later in the day at Simpson ridge this rain crust seemed to be prevelent in the surface from about 1600m down on NE aspects. Some small loose drys from under cornices. Snow on the ne aspect was supportive powder skiing until u hit the crust down low.. Sluff ran fast in steep terrain. Some soft slab development in the snow but nothing that seemed of concern on our conservative traveled routes. No signs of instability in the later half of the day.

Snow conditions were: Crusty. Weather conditions were: Sunny. We rode: Open trees. Riding quality was terrible.


Observed natural cornice release of mt wardle sub peak path mid morning. Almost ran full path. Debris mad it to within 100m of the highway after investigation. Called it a 2.5 judging by the size and lenght ran. Lots of cornice much bigger than what fell left on the ridge. Photo of powder cloud before it ran down the gully.