McBride Traverse

Sea to sky Sea to Sky

Darren Vonk , Thursday 18th March, 2021 2:00PM

Kris, Jesse and I just finished the McBride traverse over 3 days. We found excellent ski and travel conditions throughout terrain covered.

Avalanche conditions: Our major concerns were as posted on the public bulletin. Cornice, Wind slabs and Daytime warming on solar aspects. We encountered no wind slabs and no recent activity from cornices. However day time warming on Solar aspects was observed and managed each day.

Conditions: 10-15cm of snow fell on the day of March 13th and provided easy trail breaking and good ski quality on Northerly aspects. Solar aspects crossed in the mornings had very good overnight recoveries and ski crampons were used.
The night of March 16th the winds picked up and blew moderately for the rest of the day. No snow transport nor fresh windslabs were encountered. Temps ranged from -15 to +7 with the days and nights overall clear and sunny.

Glacial coverage: We crossed several icefields and area's probed were 3 meters + dense and firm. Minimal crevasse sags were observed and overall route finding was straight forward.

Parking: We could not find current information nor advice on parking. We left 2 trucks at whistler Lot 5 (internet beta) paid for 1 day (max allowance) and left a note on the windshields, which worked.

Darren Vonk AG
Kris Irwin AG
Jesse Bouliane AG

Source: Mountain Conditions