Gorman Lake


HangfireTraining , Wednesday 24th November, 2021 8:00AM

Short sled ride to the trees below Gorman Lake (1950m). Coverage is looking good for this time of year with 150 cm. A little tour up the south facing trees below the lake revealed wind affected and firm snow in the open areas above 2250m. On the open south aspect we noticed a thin melt freeze crust 15-20 down. You could feel it when riding if you carved hard. We dug a profile in a sheltered pocket at this elevation. 130-140 cm snowpack. Generally the snowpack seems well bonded. A very soft slab sat above the crust 20 cm down. One CTE 7 result. We found a crust/facet layer about 15 cm off the ground or 120 cm down that was not reactive to tests. We did not do any tests up in the hard, wind affected areas in the Alpine. Riding was good below 2250m and firm and wind packed above that in the open. Good start to the season.

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Hard, Powder, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Cloudy, Sunny. We rode: Alpine slopes, Dense trees, Mellow slopes, Open trees, Sunny slopes. We avoided: Steep slopes. Riding quality was ok.


We had one easy test result down 20 cm on a crust. CTE 7 RP. In a different pit the snow on top of the crust was loose. No slab. No other notable results with CT, ECT and Deep Tap tests.