Boulder Mountain

North Columbia

horobaba , Sunday 1st March, 2020 9:25AM


We rode a mellow slope with a few steeper convex features on a South East aspect at 1900m elevation. We triggered a slab on our way down. The slide happened on a convex roll at treeline in an open space between trees. No signs of wind loading on the slope. The first person down triggered it. It failed on the surface hoar layer and the crown was about 40cm deep. The rider involved managed to grab onto a tree branch at the edge of the crown. It was 10m wide with 20m run out zone. This slide seemed to fail on two layers (you can see the two different layers well in the first photo). Lower down we saw a few smaller crowns over steeper convex features among the trees which happened naturally. Photos go from lookers right to left and the last picture is the run out (it went to the bottom trees below the opening).


51.01457450 -118.33224974

Boulder Mountain

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN