Day 2 at Fraser


alinehalliday49 , Sunday 10th January, 2021 10:25PM

Big change overnight at Fraser. We woke up to 10-15cm of fresh snow on the truck and it made for some great skiing today. The wind crust was still apparent under a layer of fresh, light snow above tree line. Poor visibility and this wind crust led us to stick to the trees, and the conditions were fantastic. It snowed constantly throughout the day, lightening up a little in the later afternoon.

Snow conditions were: Powder. Weather conditions were: Warm, Cloudy. We rode: Open trees. Riding quality was amazing.


Fresh snow sitting on a wind crust. Once you get out of the trees, there is less snow on top of the crust. Around tree line and lower, it is soft, light powder that is about 15-20cm deep.


Snow was falling hard all day, lightening up in the afternoon. We had 10-15cm overnight on the truck and about 3-5cm on the truck after 4 hours. Little to no wind today, we felt some gusts once out of tree line. Pretty warm day and the snow that fell was a bit wet.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN