Yukon Avalanche Forecast

Issued: May 8th, 2021 4:00PM

Sun May 9th Current Conditions
Alpine Moderate Treeline Low Below Treeline Below Threshold
Mon May 10th 2 Day Outlook
Alpine Moderate Treeline Low Below Treeline Below Threshold
Tue May 11th 3 Day Outlook
Alpine Moderate Treeline Low Below Treeline Below Threshold

The alpine rating is moderate, the treeline rating is low, and the below treeline rating is below threshold. Known problems include Cornices and Loose Wet.

Avalanche danger likely varies with elevation. Cornices will be in play for a while yet. This will be our last avalanche forecast for the season. Thank-you Yukoners. 



High - Confidence is due to a stable weather pattern with little change expected.

Weather Forecast

SATURDAY NIGHT: alpine -1C, wind south 20km/h, cloudy, 3cm new snow in the alpine with rain at the highway

SUNDAY: alpine -1C, wind south 20km/h, cloudy, 2cm new snow in the alpine with rain at the highway

MONDAY: alpine -2C, wind south 25km/h, cloudy, 2cm new snow with rain at the highway

Avalanche Summary

No new avalanches have been reported by the public or our field team this week. 

Snowpack Summary

We have received regular small inputs of snow in the alpine above 1600m this week. Some of this snow has likely been blown into wind slabs in specific terrain features such as directly behind ridge line or in more extreme terrain. Below 1600m the upper snowpack is isothermal, moist, and mushy. 

The lower snowpack in White Pass is deep for this time of year with no layers of concern. Areas further inland, such as the Wheaton Valley, may have a shallower and weaker snowpack.

Cornices are still very large. Recent cool temperatures have kept cornice failures to a minimum but they should always be treated with respect in the spring, especially when the air temperature rises.

Terrain and Travel

  • Avoid exposure to slopes that have cornices overhead.
  • Firm cornices can pull back into flat terrain at ridgetop if they fail.
  • Back off slopes as the surface becomes moist or wet with rising temperatures.
  • Keep in mind that wet avalanches can be destructive due to their high density.
  • Watch for wind-loaded pockets especially around ridgecrest and in extreme terrain.



An icon showing Cornices



Expected Size

1.5 - 2.5

Cornices are large at this time of season. Best practice is to stay well-back from them on ridgelines and limit your exposure travelling beneath them.


North, North East, East, North West.



Loose Wet

An icon showing Loose Wet



Expected Size

1 - 2

Assess for the wetness of the snow surface as you travel, particularly as you transition from alpine to treeline elevations later in the day. Use caution in very steep terrain if the snow surface is wet, and limit your overhead exposure on steep slopes.


All aspects.


Alpine, Treeline.

Valid until: May 10th, 2021 4:00PM

Forecast Trend

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