Sea to Sky Avalanche Forecast

Issued: Apr 10th, 2022 4:00PM

Mon Apr 11th Current Conditions
Alpine Moderate Treeline Low Below Treeline Low
Tue Apr 12th 2 Day Outlook
Alpine Moderate Treeline Moderate Below Treeline Low
Wed Apr 13th 3 Day Outlook
Alpine Moderate Treeline Moderate Below Treeline Low

The alpine rating is moderate, the treeline rating is low, and the below treeline rating is low. Known problems include Wind Slabs.

Evaluate steep lines for wind slabs.



High - The snowpack structure is generally well understood.

Weather Forecast

SUNDAY NIGHT: Cloudy with snowfall then clearing, accumulation 1 to 3 cm, 30 to 40 km/h northeast wind, alpine temperature -10 C.

MONDAY: Clear skies with no precipitation, 10 to 30 km/h northeast wind, alpine temperature -9 C.

TUESDAY: Cloudy with snowfall, accumulation 5 to 15 cm, 20 km/h northeast wind, alpine temperature -10 C.

WEDNESDAY: Mix of sun and cloud with isolated flurries, accumulation 2 to 5 cm, 10 km/h northeast wind, alpine temperature -9 C.

Avalanche Summary

Explosives triggered cornices along ridgelines. Otherwise, no recent avalanches were observed.

Looking forward, wind slabs could be triggered by riders out of steep terrain. Use caution on sun-exposed slopes and near cornices during the heat of the day, when resulting avalanches are more likely.

Snowpack Summary

10 to 20 cm of dry, wind-affected snow sits above a hard melt-freeze crust in the alpine. Wind slabs could form in lee terrain features in the alpine from strong northeast wind. A surface melt-freeze crust is found at treeline and below, which may moisten during daytime heating.

A melt-freeze crust that formed late March to early April is found 60 to 100 cm deep. Avalanches were sliding on this layer last week, but activity has since decreased. The likelihood of triggering this layer is low given the cool weather.

There are no deeper concerns at this time.

Terrain and Travel

  • Carefully evaluate steep lines for wind slabs.
  • Minimize exposure to steep, sun exposed slopes, especially when the solar radiation is strong.
  • Pay attention to cornices and give them a wide berth when traveling on or below ridges.
  • When a thick, melt-freeze surface crust is present, avalanche activity is unlikely.


Wind Slabs

An icon showing Wind Slabs



Expected Size

1 - 2

Wind slabs may be found in alpine terrain. Use caution entering steep slopes below ridges.


All aspects.



Valid until: Apr 11th, 2022 4:00PM

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