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Lizard Range and Flathead Avalanche Forecast

Nov 29th, 2016 3:16PM

Wind slabs may be lurking at higher elevations. Use extra caution on lee slopes at treeline and in the alpine. Thanks to all the shredders who have posted on the Mountain Information Network!




Weather Forecast

Overcast with light to moderate west or northwest winds on Wednesday and Thursday. Some light snow or flurries expected over the next few days, with a chance of broken skies on Thursday afternoon. Some heavier precipitation and strong winds may arrive by Friday afternoon or evening. Daytime freezing levels near 1200 metres and overnight lows around valley bottoms. 

Avalanche Summary

A size 1 wind slab was reported from the Harvey Pass area on Sunday via the Mountain Information Network. It was skier-triggered and occurred on a northeast aspect at treeline. I'm sure there was more activity like this, although observations have been extremely limited. With more benign weather on the horizon, I would expect wind slab activity to decrease gradually.

Snowpack Summary

Early season snowpack observations are still very limited in the region but the threshold for avalanches has been exceeded at treeline and in the alpine. Reports suggest that the snow depth at treeline is typically 110-150cm but a report from the east side of region shows only 80cm at treeline. The snowpack tapers off drastically below treeline and below around 1700m there is not yet enough snow for avalanches. On Friday and Saturday, generally light amounts storm snow and strong winds were reported to have formed wind slabs in leeward terrain at treeline and in the alpine. Limited reports suggest the crust from the middle of November is down 50-80cm and the crust from early November is down 80-110cm.

Valid until: Nov 30th, 2016 2:00PM