Avalanche Forecast Little Yoho

Tuesday 29th January 2019

Avalanche Danger Ratings Tue 29th Jan 4:00PM Danger Ratings Alpine: Moderate Danger Ratings Treeline: Low Danger Ratings Below Treeline: Low Deep Persistent Slabs Deep Persistent Slabs Wind Slabs Wind Slabs

Parks Canada Forecaster: aaron beardmore

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Step out slowly and purposefully. Avoid shallow faceted areas. Seek out deep snowpack areas.

Weather Forecast

Warmer than seasonal temperatures will persist through until the end of the week. A weak system will bring snow to the region starting late Wednesday. By the end of Friday there could be up to 25cm in the alpine. The wind will potentially climb to the strong range from the West, the windiest period being late on Thursday.

Snowpack Summary

10-20cm of snow sits on top of isolated sun-crusts and surface hoar. Possible soft wind slabs in lee alpine areas. Of greatest concern are the weak facets and depth hoar at the base of the snowpack. Triggering a slab is more likely in thin snowpack areas.

Avalanche Summary

No avalanches observed or reported.


Intensity of incoming weather systems is uncertain on Thursday

Deep Persistent Slabs Deep Persistent Slabs



Expected Size

2 - 3

The weak Oct.26 facets and depth hoar at the base of the snowpack have a significant slab (50-130cm thick) sitting above them. The likelihood of triggering this layer has decreased, but if it does get triggered, the avalanche will be large in size.

Avoid thin, rocky or unsupported slopes.Be aware of the potential for full depth avalanches due to weak layers at the base of the snowpack.

Aspects: All aspects.

Elevations: Alpine.

Wind Slabs Wind Slabs


Possible - Unlikely

Expected Size

1 - 1.5

Soft wind slabs can likely be located in high elevation lee areas. Forecasters don't expect them to be more than 20cm thick.

Aspects: North East, East, South East.

Elevations: Alpine.

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