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Kananaskis Country Avalanche Forecast

May 11th, 2019 3:00PM

Regular avalanche bulletins are now over.  If you see something worth reporting call 403-679-3511 to speak with a public safety specialist.  www.acmg.ca Mountain conditions report is a good place to get weekly updates on conditions.




Weather Forecast

Rapid loading in the form or snow or rain will weaken the snowpack or create a return to winter conditions.  Be mindful of loose wet avalanches and there consequences.

Avalanche Summary

Loose wet avalanches will be a theme for the next month until the snow is gone.  If you see something noteable, post it to the Mountain Information network or call our office at 403-679-5311

Snowpack Summary

Alpine areas are still snowbound will likely have areas of snow until July!  Its important to remember taht if there is enough snow to walk on there is enough snow to slide.  Many summer avalanche accidents involve loose wet avalanches with people either ascending or descending in the heat of the day.  Cornices are also a concern so give these features a good berth and never stand on them.

Valid until: May 12th, 2019 3:00PM