Avalanche Forecast

Issued: Jan 29th, 2024 4:00PM

The alpine rating is considerable, the treeline rating is moderate, and the below treeline rating is low. Known problems include Loose Wet and Wet Slabs.

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The upper snowpack has become saturated and weakened due to warm temperatures and rainfall.




Avalanche Summary

A widespread loose wet and wet slab avalanche cycle occurred in the Coquihalla area over the past few days, up to size 2.

Recent observations have been limited.

Snowpack Summary

Rainfall has saturated the upper snowpack at all elevations. Below treeline, the snowpack has significantly decreased and may now be below the threshold in some areas.

The mid and lower snowpack is generally well-bonded and strong, with several old crusts present. The snowpack remains shallow for this time of year.

Weather Summary

Monday Night

Couldy with 0 to 10 mm of rain, southwest alpine winds 60 to 90 km/h, freezing levels around 2400 m.


Cloudy with trace amounts of rain or wet snow, southwest alpine winds 20 to 40 km/h, freezing levels around 2400 m.


Mostly cloudy with 0 to 5 mm of rain or wet snow, south alpine winds 20 to 40 km/h, freezing levels around 2200 m.


Mostly cloudy with 0 to 5 mm of rain or wet snow, south alpine winds 20 to 40 km/h, freezing levels around 2000 m.

More details can be found in the Mountain Weather Forecast.

Terrain and Travel Advice

  • The more the snow feels like a slurpy, the more likely loose wet avalanches will become.
  • Even a small avalanche can be harmful if it pushes you into an obstacle or a terrain trap.
  • Avoid areas with overhead hazard.
  • Keep in mind that wet avalanches can be destructive due to their high density.


Loose Wet

An icon showing Loose Wet

The upper snowpack is saturated and continues to lose strength with above-freezing temperatures and rain.

Aspects: All aspects.

Elevations: All elevations.



Expected Size

1 - 2

Wet Slabs

An icon showing Wet Slabs

Wet slab avalanches are of particular concern in areas where a saturated snowpack pack overlies a hard crust or smooth ground surfaces like rock slabs or grassy slopes.

Aspects: All aspects.

Elevations: Alpine, Treeline.



Expected Size

1.5 - 2.5

Valid until: Jan 30th, 2024 4:00PM