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Cascades - North East Avalanche Forecast

Apr 17th, 2019 4:04AM

Daily avalanche forecasts have ended for the 2018-19 season. Daily Mountain Weather Forecasts will continue through April 28th. We will issue Weekend Snow and Avalanche Summaries every Friday at noon through May 24th and avalanche warnings as needed during that time frame.

Thanks to the many people who make the avalanche center a reality. It’s a remarkable community effort. Thank you for all your help, your donations, your observations, and your enthusiasm.

Keep scrolling for points to remember until you put the sleds and boards away for the summer...



Avalanches and avalanche accidents can occur on snow-covered mountains at any time of the year!

  • Terrain doesn’t get less complex or serious in the spring. Respect the mountains, maintain safe travel procedures, and keep your guard up.

  • If you see avalanches you can generally start an avalanche.

  • Spring weather can rapidly alter snow conditions and snow stability. Think minutes and hours rather than days and weeks.

  • You can reduce potential exposure to avalanche hazard by traveling earlier in the day during periods of cold clear nights and warm sunny days.

  • Winter-like weather means winter-like avalanches. Expect the danger to increase during storms.  

  • Strong sun on new snow generally results in periods of elevated avalanche danger.

Other Springtime Hazards:

  • Glide cracks. Don’t fall in them and don’t loiter beneath them.

  • Creeks are opening.

  • Snow bridges are weakening.

  • Cornices will sag and fail.

  • Seracs may collapse.

Have fun!

Contact NWAC:

NWAC forecast staff will be intermittently available during the summer. You can reach us and leave a message at:

Email: forecasters@nwac.us

Phone: 206-526-6165

Mail: Northwest Avalanche Center

          7600 Sandpoint Way NE

          Seattle, Washington 98115

Snowpack Discussion

Please see the Avalanche Forecast Tab for end of the season information. 

Valid until: Apr 18th, 2019 4:04AM