Avalanche Forecast

Issued: Mar 19th, 2023 2:30PM

The alpine rating is considerable, the treeline rating is moderate, and the below treeline rating is low. Known problems include Wind Slabs.

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Heavier than expected recent snowfalls and sustained westerly winds are raising the danger rating to CONSIDERABLE in the alpine for Monday.

Sensitive wind slabs continue to develop at the top of the eastern slopes (NE-E-SE) and in cross loaded areas at treeline. They are particularly to be watched and avoided on steep unsupported slopes and convex rolls

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Avalanche Summary

No new avalanches were observed or reported.

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Snowpack Summary

About 10 to 15 cm of new dry snow has accumulated on the surface, with another 5 cm possible to come overnight Sunday. A total of 20-25 cm now covers the widespread melt-freeze crust. In downwind areas, accumulations can reach 30 to 50 cm thick in the form of wind slabs that continue to develop. The melt-freeze crust is present on the surface or barely buried in wind exposed areas in the alpine and at treeline. Below the melt-freeze crust, the middle and the base of the snowpack are well consolidated.

In general, the height of the snowpack varies from 90 to 110 cm in the valley to 120 to 170 cm at treeline.

Weather Summary

Forecast for the Chic-Chocs ridges and summits.

Synopsis: A ridge of high pressure is moving in to bring clearing on Monday, accompanied by sustained westerly winds and cooler temperatures.

Sunday evening and night: Flurries, 4-7 cm, westerly winds 50 to 70 km/h, minimum -15 C.

Monday: A mix of sun and cloud, no precipitation, westerly winds 30 to 50 km/h, maximum -12 C.

Tuesday: Sunny, no precipitation, westerly winds 20-40 km/h, maximum -10 C.

Wednesday: Sunny, no precipitation, northwesterly winds 20 to 40 km/h, maximum -12 C.

For more details, see the Chic-Chocs alpine forecast.

Terrain and Travel Advice

  • Storm snow and wind is forming touchy slabs. Use caution in lee areas in the alpine and treeline.
  • Watch for newly formed and reactive wind slabs as you transition into wind affected terrain.
  • Wind slabs are most reactive during their formation.


Wind Slabs

An icon showing Wind Slabs

Wind slabs continue to develop with incoming new snow and sustained westerly winds. They are found at the top of eastern slopes (NE-E-SE) in the alpine and in cross loaded areas at treeline. New wind slabs are particularly sensitive when they form.

Aspects: North East, East, South East.

Elevations: Alpine, Treeline.



Expected Size

1 - 2.5

Valid until: Mar 20th, 2023 3:00PM